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Ну как можно такое сочинить? - Просто шедевр
Специально для вас мы подготовили песню Ну как можно такое сочинить? от музыканта Просто шедевр. Здесь есть всё, что вам нужно: текст песни на русском, английском или другом, родном языке. Хороший плеер для прослушивания прямо на сайте. Кнопочка скачать позволит вам загрузить файл себе на компьютер. Ну и обязательно посмотрите видео с песней Ну как можно такое сочинить? - оно весьма интересное.

Произведение: Ну как можно такое сочинить?

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Музыкант: Просто шедевр

Дата добавки: 2015-05-06

Длительность mp3 песни: 02:34

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Текст песни:

you're sitting in a barn as you await the big surprise
you want to find the monster that burned out that woman's eyes
you've got your holy water and some salt rounds and a knife
but nothing seems to work on whatever brought you back to life

you ask "what are you" to learn his name and figure out his mission
he says, "i'm the one that gripped you tight and raised you from perdition"

his name is castiel
he pulled you out of hell
in time he will rebel
he's an angel of the lord

he's got a dirty trenchcoat and a tie that's never straight
you wonder why you kinda like this guy that you're supposed to hate
'cause he says he's not a hammer, he's got doubts and he's got fears
and you think he might be the best friend that you have had in years

the angels say to torture, and you say you can't go through this
he says "i would give anything not to have you do this"

his name is castiel
he pulled you out of hell
by now you know him well
he's an angel of the lord

you try to give him your best speech
but heaven's got him on a leash
you turn your back and say you're done
but then he goes and does you right
he'll help you save the world tonight
because he knows that you're the one

his name is castiel
he pulled you out of hell
and you are why he fell
he's an angel of the lord

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